creative Phone mittens 5 colors



Play Mobile antifreeze hand

this items has a little color difference ,but vert pretty too , pls check the real products pic

suitable for the iphone ,ipad mini, psp,samsung note as well as the model smaller than it

do not suitable for the ipad as well as larger than it
Where does this store ship from?


What is this store's return and exchange policy?

sorry, we do not support return and exchange ,all sales are final sales

the reason why we do not support return and exchange is :

1. most of the items in my store are fast fashion ,while for the purchase the internation purchase , thus shipping time is long , after you get the parcel , then return to me , the period is too long , after we got the return item, it may have already out of fashion , which will affect the further sales, so we do not accept return and exchange

2.we charge very few shipping cost , but if you return , it will be at your shipping cost , which is not less, if you send cheapest shipping , maybe one month, we can only give you refund after we get the return item which is at perfect condition when we send it to you .it is too long for you too. if you send with fast shipping , the shipping cost maybe even higher than the return and exchange for your is not a good choice too .

but we will offer you after severice if we have send wrong item or wrong size etc . we did not offer severice for the reason that the size is not ok for you , too big , too small, do not like the color ,does not arrive in time etc .

why you can not return if the items does not arrive in time ?
we will try our best to send the parcel out as soon as possible, but we can not control the shipping time, we usually send the parcel with china post , almost all the chinese supplier are send the parcel with china post , so they got plenty of parcels everyday , they can not arrange all the parcels they got at once, they will arrange the parcel one by one , so once the parcel send out , it has already out of our control , we just can offer you an estimate time period .so we do not accept hurried order, and any reason such as does not arrive in time.

hope you can understand .

How long will it take to receive my order?

normally we will send out the parcel within 4-6DAYS
most of the items in my store will send with china post air mail , which shipping cost is 4.5usd first and 3usd the second .shipping time would be 2-4weeks once shiped .some time maybe longer

if you need fast shipping , pls contact us beforehand , we will let you know whether can rush the order and send with fast shipping as well as the extra shipping cost you still need to pay .

pls kindly confirm that you can wait before order, if you want cancel the order, we will charge 10% of amount of the order as the transaction fee , hope you can understand